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An Open Letter to the Next President

by William H. Woodwell, Jr.
The League of Women Voters devotes these pages to a special call for action by the next Administration on four priority issues: climate change, which threatens our environment, our economy and public health; our health care system, which currently leaves 47 million Americans uninsured, while wreaking havoc on the economy because of skyrocketing costs; our immigration system, which has not addressed the status of 12 million unauthorized immigrants living and working in the United States and is incapable of dealing with either legal or illegal immigration; and the growing inequality in wealth and incomes that threatens the very fabric of our society, turning the United States into a land where the rich keep getting richer and everyone else struggles just to get by. The League believes significant progress is possible on each of these four issues. It’s time to stop the partisanship and political wrangling. It’s time for real action to build a better, stronger America.

There is No Free Lunch: But There Are Cost-Effective Solutions

by Pamela W. Person
Following on our cover story on climate change, this article from the LWVUS Climate Change Taskforce focuses on greenhouse gases (GHG) that are affecting the changes in our climate. It presents nine basic energy concepts and key strategies for reduction of GHG emissions, using technology that is commercially available today and projected to be available by 2030.

The Heat is On: Climate Change and Emerging Policies

by Robin Tokmakian
This article from the LWVUS Climate Change Taskforce defines climate change, reviews international as well as U.S. federal and state responses to this global issue, and takes a look at what’s ahead.