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The First Carter-Ford Presidential Debate: September 23, 1976

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The First Carter-Ford Presidential Debate: September 23, 1976

76-9-23pbs Part 1

The First Carter-Ford Presidential Debate: September 23, 1976

League of Women Voters and the United Nations

During the post World War II period, the League helped lead the effort to establish the United Nations and to ensure U.S. participation.

Eleanor Roosevelt: League leader

In the 1920s, Eleanor Roosevelt served as vice president for legislative affairs at the League, monitoring federal legislation and hearings in Congress. Watch this short video about how Eleanor's membership changed the League -- and how the League changed her.

Election 2008: Restoring American Civic Participation

by Michael P. McDonald
At 61.6 percent, the 2008 presidential election voter turnout was the highest in 40 years, even though it did not exceed the highest rate in the last century (63.8 percent in 1960). Interestingly, turnout increased considerably in some states and was actually down from 2004 in others. This article looks at certain state voter demographics and battleground shifts as well as election reform developments that might have affected voter turnout in different states.

Examining "Redistribution of Wealth"

by Jeff Kolnick and Doug Anderson
"Redistribution of wealth" is a concept that is supported by some and opposed by others, while still others aren't quite sure how it should be defined. There are several ways that nations address the distribution of wealth. The most important ways are through labor laws, tax policy and social programs. This article reviews these means in a historical context and in light of the current economic situation in the United States.

An Open Letter to the Next President

by William H. Woodwell, Jr.
The League of Women Voters devotes these pages to a special call for action by the next Administration on four priority issues: climate change, which threatens our environment, our economy and public health; our health care system, which currently leaves 47 million Americans uninsured, while wreaking havoc on the economy because of skyrocketing costs; our immigration system, which has not addressed the status of 12 million unauthorized immigrants living and working in the United States and is incapable of dealing with either legal or illegal immigration; and the growing inequality in wealth and incomes that threatens the very fabric of our society, turning the United States into a land where the rich keep getting richer and everyone else struggles just to get by. The League believes significant progress is possible on each of these four issues. It’s time to stop the partisanship and political wrangling. It’s time for real action to build a better, stronger America.