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Citizenship School (March 1929)

A Citizenship School in Tampa, FL is conducted by Mrs. W. Ramsey, 5th Vice President, and Miss Hildah Morrehead, regional secretary (1), in connection with the Florida League Convention, March 1929

Democratic Convention 1920

Democratic convention 1920 Seated: (left) Miss Dortch of Tennessee, 1st Director from 3rd region who resigned during year (right) Mrs. Richard Edwards. Standing: (left to right) Miss Mary McDowell of Chicago, Miss Adah Bush of Indiana Mrs. Patty Jacobs, Mrs. Maud Wood Park, Mrs. Simmons of Portland, Oregon, 1st Director of 7th Region, Mrs. James Paige of Minneapolis

Delegates to the Conference of College Leagues

Delegates to the Conference of College Leagues meeting in Jefferson City, Missouri on February 15, 1929. In the group are several legislators.

League on the Radio, 1928 Presidential campaign

In the 1928 Presidential campaign the League took to radio. In the ten months preceeding the November election, the Voters Service of the League put on a half hour program each week over the National Broadcasting Company. One of the programs was called the Undergraduate Looks at the Campaign. Participants were (left to right) Maxon H. Eddy, (Yale) Elizabeth E. Hughes, (Barnard) Miss Gertrude Ely, (Bryn Mawr) Sarah Jackson, (Vassar) James Rooselvelt, (Harvard)

New York Suffrage Parade, 1917

Carrie Chapman Catt, center, in white, leads a group of suffragists in a New York City parade staged in the fall of 1917 to gain support for woman suffrage. The required constitutional amendment was finally ratified by the necessary 36 states and officially proclaimed on August 26, 1920. To the left, in academic robes is Dr. Anna Howard Shaw, a distinguished minister, physician and suffragist. Mrs. Catt was president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, which was dissolved when women got the vote. The League of Women Voters was formed in its place.

Belle Sherwin and Others at Cleveland Court House

Miss. Belle Sherwin (center, wearing plaid coast, hat with feather) and other women members down from jury panel to hear civil and commercial cases in Cleveland, Ohio Court in late February of 1923. Picture taken on steps of old court house in Cleveland, Ohio.