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Mrs. Hassel Halverson at the LWV Convention Parade

Mrs. Hassel Halverson of Grand Forks, North Dakota at the Parade at the League of Women Voters 1958 Convention, Atlantic City

Voting Campaign

Left to Right: Miss Nell Sanders Aspero, Mrs. Anthony A. Aspero, Chairman of Voters Service and practicing attorney, Mrs. Robert W. Shafer, President of the Memphis League and Bobby Shafer Jr, all of Memphis with Mrs. Asperos' Oldsmobile and "Bossy." August 1959.

Supervisors hear LWV

A statement from the Schenectady League is presented to the supervisors' meeting. From the Schenectady Gazette, Saturday, November 1, 1958.

Ceremony at which documents of the LWV were turned over to the Library of Congress

Pictured are Dr. Luther Evans, Miss Anna Lord Strauss, Mrs. Harold A. Stone, Mrs. Louise Young, Mrs. Donald B. Stough, Mrs. Joseph MacGowan, Mrs. George Russell, Mrs Anne Hartwell Johnstone. March 1,1950

Voters' Round up, Edinburg, TX.

Left to Right: Mrs. Harry Hall, President, Edinburg League; Mrs Howard Tewell, Mrs Reuben Travino (seated); Mrs. Lee Williams (standing); Mrs. Joe Atkinson; Mrs. Jack Butler; Mrs. H C. Barton (kneeling); and Mrs. James Bates.

National Board Meeting at the Mayflower Hotel

January 1958 National Board Meeting at the Mayflower Hotel. From Left to Right: Mrs. Werner Blanchard, Mrs. Winfeld Riefler, Mrs. Arthur Whittemore, Mrs. Tor Hylbom, Mrs. C. Walker Hayes, Mrs. Polly G. Dyke, Mrs. Walter Lasers, Mrs. Donald Bishop, Mrs. John G Lee, Mrs Robert Phillips, Mrs. Muriel Ferris, Mrs. Oscar Rueblaush; Mrs Alf Gendersh Mrs L. K. Richards; Mrs John Lahimer; Mrs. Carl Marcy; Mrs. George Dreyfous