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Becky Cain - GOTV Mr. Potato Head "Head to the Polls" Campaign 1996

Shown are teams members, coaches, Janet Clark (representative of the League of Women Voters) and Dave Walsh. Photo credit: Tim Chestnut. From the Laramie Daily Boomerang, Sun JKuly 28, 1991

From left, Carolyn Reimers, Wilton, CT; Kay Maxwell, LWV-Connecticut president, far right, Jane Garbacz, LWV National board member. Mr. Gudger accepted the 1991 LWVEF Leadership Award on behalf of the Xerox Corporation.

Membership and Leadership Development Program

At National Convention we re-launched the Leadership Fund as the Fund for Local League Growth, which solely supports the Membership and Leadership Development Program. As part of this Convention, we also honored the volunteer state and national coaches who help make this program successful!

The League of Women Voters Through the Decades! - The 21st Century


A hallmark of the new century was the commitment on the part of the League to increased use of electronic communication to League leaders across the nation. A monthly electronic newsletter was begun and the League's membership database became available electronically for direct updating by League membership chairs.

The League of Women Voters Through the Decades! - The 1990s


At the 1996 convention, bylaws changes were made to simplify the process of forming new Leagues by eliminating the provisional League category, and set the procedure for proposing adoption or amendment of an LWVUS position by concurrence on the floor of convention. The LWVUS Future Planning process was also launched at that convention.

At the 1998 convention, the bylaws were amended to provide for communication vehicles other than "snail" mail!

The League of Women Voters Through the Decades! - The 1980s

To broaden membership and address the issue of membership decline, the 1982 convention amended the bylaws to permit member recruitment by the national and state levels, as well as the local level. Convention delegates also called for the development of a long-range plan for the organization. The plan, which defined the League's mission and outlined goals and strategies for the future, was the subject of spirited debate at the convention. During the 1984-88 period the League s long-range plan was refined and updated, then adopted by the 1988 convention with some modifications.